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That Is The Way To Go Digital!

Enigo (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is a perfect model of successful Digital espousal in Malaysia’s printing industry. 

Digital invasion has worried almost every printer especially Offset printers. They have been sceptical about stiff competition from this tremendous and highly capable modern technology. They have been worried about their present businesses, continued demand for their products, their infrastructure, customers and much more. Mr. B S Gan – Director, Enigo (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd – took a small initiative by installing his first Konica Minolta Digital machine in 2011. They had been into the printing business since 1977, when they started as an Offset Printing unit with a two colour Heidelberg machine. Visiting cards, brochures and catalogues were their main specialised products.

About 38 years later today, Enigo is considered to be a force to reckon with in the Online Print business with the agency model. Enigo has agents recruited all over Malaysia and now in Singapore as well, where they collect (or make) the designs and upload it to the company’s website along with the requisite payment. “The interesting part of the Online business is its working on advance payment. Before we start processing the job, the payment’s already credited,” quips Gan. “Professionally speaking,” he adds, “it makes our as well as our agents’ payments secured and pricing and credits remain in the hands of the printer rather than the client.”

Adding Digital to the Offset business

It indeed was an intelligent decision when he added Digital capability to his Offset business. “There is nothing better for a printer than to embrace both (Offset and Digital), as that indeed is the future of Printing,” declares Gan.

“Offset along with Digital is the core of our business,” says Gan who has meticulously got his management software designed as per their specific needs. “The entire software on which my business rests is designed by us,” he says.


The platform so developed by Gan and his team allows the  agent to upload the high resolution files for printing. The payment gateway provided can be used to transfer the money. “The software we have designed and are using is absolutely user friendly platform. With minor considerations like distance and transportation, the solution can be used by businesses anywhere in the world,” claims Gan.

Gan has advanced his business through designers, agents and especially through word of mouth. They have been regular at local and other exhibitions. This too has helped them in their expansion. “Over the years the word of mouth has become the best source of advertisement for us. Other promotional activities include advertisement in various media. We consider coverage in trade magazines as one of the best advertisements for our business,” adds Gan.

Enigo’s customers include direct agents, designers, advertising firms and those who wish to have this as a career and have knowledge of designing and printing. “We, in fact, never have direct customer at all and all our business is only through our esteemed agents,” reveals Gan. Being a one-stop-shop for their customers’ needs make it easier for them too to retain customers. They have majority of customers as repeat customers who too are satisfied with the quality and service by Enigo and one-stop convenience is another plus for them.

“A hassle free environment is what we provide to our customers and commitment on delivery times is what makes us unique,” avows Gan.

Choosing a particular printing process is not a big issue at Enigo. Once an agent sends them the design, based on the quantities ordered for, they decide which process – Offset or Digital – to use. “Shorter runs, obviously go into the Digital Printing kitty, while the long runs take the pride of place with the Offset,” explains Gan.

Enigo has a wide range of ready-made templates which are extremely user friendly and are used by their agents and customers alike for designing purposes. “Our annual turnover is about 10 million ringgits as of now and we expect a good boost with more and more people going Online and placing orders increasingly as per convenience,” identifies Gan.

The company today has everything in-house including layouting, planning, film making, plate making, printing, die cutting, embellishment additions like UV and Foiling etc. for the convenience of the customers. With a staff strength of about 70 personnel in the press, Enigo is adequately equipped to ward off any possibility of delays in job execution. Normally, they follow the CMYK proof which makes it easier to match the colours right. They have tie-up with reputed courier services to deliver the finished products impeccable and fast. Usually, the ‘next day delivery’ schedules are maintained within the country.

Gan thinks competition in printing is very tough. Survival of traditional business is chiefly dependent upon pricing, support from suppliers and an all-inclusive product portfolio going to the extent of even hard cover binding services in-house. He, however, has found his niche in his Online Printing business. He is extremely pleased by the payment options, systems based approach and risk free model. The USP of Enigo is meeting commitments. “We leave no chance of missing our commitment and that is the key to our being a class apart from the average,” he emphasises. Gan has invested over 30 million in the business over the years. Today he finds that the business has returned him, above all, the satisfaction of being a successful printer.


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