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Ricoh presents ‘The Art Of The New 2018’

  Visitors to the Ricoh booth at Print Technology 2018 can experience live demonstrations of RICOH’s innovative portfolio of solutions.

Print Technology 2018 will take place from 2 to 5 August 2018 at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The event will be showcasing Ricoh’s innovative solutions at the company’s booth with highlights that include:

  • Commercial & Digital Printing Zone
  • Corporate & AEC ( Architecture, Engineering and Construction)
  • Innovation Zone
  • Direct to Garment (DTG)

The digital industry expert Ricoh has been driving innovation and providing document management solutions, IT services, commercial and industrial printing, digital cameras, and industrial systems. At the upcoming Printech 2018, it will highlight:

  • Pro C7200
  • Invisible Red 5th
  • Direct to Garment (DTG)- Ri 3000
  • Sample Application New (Pro T7210 & Pro C9200 sample showcase)
  • Malaysian Institute Academic (CSR Program)

Ricoh Pro C7200 Series – featuring 5th colour station model

Ricoh’s latest product Pro C7200 series, featuring 5th colour station models, is among the best-in-class price performance and predictability solutions for demanding production print environments. The 5th colour station Pro C7200 series enables users to produce high value five colour applications helping them to stay ahead of the competition. The 5th colour station have different choices of colour such as white, clear, neon pink, neon yellow and new invisible red.

Pro C7200 series comes with two different print speeds of up to 85 print per minutes and 95 print per minutes. With the new long banner sheet improvement, it is able to produce a simplex banner up to a length of 1260mm (700mm long for duplex). Pro C7200 features high quality with high reliability enabled by its auto registration. With the new function of auto registration, it can read the image location on the front and adjust the image location on the back that fits the front. With this new feature it reduces the time and makes it far easier for the user.

The new 17’’ smart operation panel allows user to intuitively browse and manage the paper library directly from the device. The larger panel also brings new job and workflow management options directly to the device, while also offering seamless remote job management and monitoring.

Moreover, the new 5th station has swappable one pass print option, which allows the white ink as undercoat and the second layer as a CYMK colour. This enables efficient printing and reduces the colour registration gap.

Invisible Red 5th Station – the latest addition to toner suite

Invisible red toner is the latest addition to suite of toners available for the Ricoh five colour presses. This specialized toner is normally invisible, but shows as a clear distinguishable red under ultraviolet light. The invisible red toner, protecting privacy of media application chiefly targets entry level applications of security printing i.e. tickets, VIP passes or other sensitive documents to avoid fraud.

Print on black with Ricoh Ri 3000 DTG Printer

Ricoh Ri 3000/ Ri 6000

Ricoh’s new devices for Direct to Garment (DTG) printing make qualified, high-quality apparel printing easier, faster and more flexible. The Ri 3000 / RI 6000’s new technology with white ink enables printing on black colour garment material. The printers discover an extremely short route from design to print. With its excellent performance, it is able to print a shirt as fast as in 27 seconds. These devices print at 600 dpi quality even on traditionally difficult media, such as poly 50/50 blend. Ri 3000/ Ri 6000 provide high quality, durable prints and printers take garment printing to the new level by allowing users to print directly to shirts, socks and canvas grocery bags and others cotton materials. They use water based inks to deliver soft, long lasting and eye catching vibrant designs.

With the built-in of white ink circulation that dramatically improves ink flow and minimizes waste, it produces high-quality prints on even dark coloured garments. A new easy to use colour touchscreen control panel streamlines the print process. The ANARIP software enables users to print files directly from a USB flash drive or any networked PC; without manual colour separation, which is a time-consuming process traditionally required for screen printing.

With Ricoh Ri 3000/ Ri 6000, customers can start bringing high-quality garment printing in house easily with just a few simple clicks.

New launch – Ricoh Pro C9200 series adds to Production Printing portfolio

Ricoh is launching the new Ricoh Pro C9200 series, which will add to its Production Printing portfolio. Featuring an exciting price performance offering, the new series provides an affordable, predictable way for businesses to maximize revenue due to its uptime and reliability. Printing with speeds of 115 and 135 pages it features auto colour diagnosis which improves colour consistency and enables real time colour adjustment and correction during printing. In addition, auto registration is enabled by an in-line sensor which uses data to automatically adjust image position and shape.

Pro C9200 supports long banner sheet and allows printing of up to 1260mm simplex and 1020 mm duplex. Its VSCEL laser beam technology delivers superb 2400 x 4800 dpi print laser resolution quality.  It comes with a new Ricoh 17’’ Smart Operation Panel which brings job and workflow management options directly to the device, on a single screen including the ability to monitor and manage print jobs remotely through either an EFI Color Controller or Ricoh Total Flow Server.

Enter industrial decoration market with Flatbed Pro T7210

Bringing printing to a new level, Ricoh enters industrial decoration market with Pro T7210 large format UV flatbed printer. The Pro T7210 offers both excellent high image quality and impressive high print speed up to 100sqm per hour in (high-speed mode) and 50sqm per hour for (standard mode).

With the latest technology, Pro T7210 is able to print high adhesion on to versatile media. The broad application range focuses on the industrial sector such as interior decoration and building materials, especially rigid and heavy items including glass, wood, and aluminium composite and metal. It is able to handle material and sizes up to 110mm media thickness and a maximum printing area of 2.1m x 3.2m.

The printer uses Ricoh’s proprietary image processing technology, as well as 12 robust Ricoh MH54 series industrial print heads that is made of stainless steel. The newly developed UV ink has high adhesion properties for performance on a wide range of rigid industrial materials. While the LED Lamps is both energy saving and has a longer life resulting in less downtime to change parts.

Pro T7210

Pro T7210 has few benefit functions. One of the benefits is the multi-zone vacuum system, and it is divided into 8 areas. Each area has a variable vacuum switch to control suction, which eliminates the need for masking which is conveniently located close to the operator.

Malaysian Institute of Art (CSR Program)

In conjunction with its participation at Print Tech 2018, RICOH also embarked on a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme together with the students of Malaysian Institute Of Art (MIA), which is to design T-shirt competition contest based on the theme of “CMYK”.

The contest is open for all the MIA students, the top 10 best design will be selected and printed out to showcase at Print Technology Exhibition from 2 – 5 August 2018 at PWTC Kuala Lumpur. Furthermore, the T-shirt is for selling to public for students to raise funds for student’s activities purposes.

Ricoh sponsored the cost of T-shirt and printing for the students, who used the Ri 100 as world first “Entry Level Direct to Garment Printer” and uses Ricoh’s in house technology to print the t-shirt. The use of the DTG enable them to create a new printing “culture” of on demand t-shirt printing, the capability of Ricoh’s printer business from paper expand to “Garment”.

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