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Print China 2019 is on its ‘perfect’ course

With international printing stalwarts participating, Print China 2019 is listed as the most important display platform in the Asia Pacific region.

The China (Guangdong) International Printing Technology Exhibition (PRINT CHINA 2019) will be held on April 9-13, 2019 at the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center. With almost about 1,200 exhibitors and with an exhibition area of 140,000 square meters and an expected over 200,000 professional visitors from China and around the world, it is expected to surpass all previous records.

Print China 2019 continues this time too with its characteristic ‘Special Pavilion’ such as special digital prepress, printing equipment, postpress processing, packaging and printing, label printing, advertising printing, corrugated boxes, screen printing, equipment supplies and comprehensive supporting display panels. It will also open up a ‘Green Innovation Theme Park’, focusing on the theme content of Green Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Internet +, Innovative Technology, Cultural and Creative Products, Printing Traditional Culture, etc., so that visitors can have some innovative development in the printing and packaging industry.

Traditional printing stalwarts like Heidelberg , KBA , Komori, Jiahe Dingxin (Liyoubi) and Dazu Guanhua are all participating in the exhibition, and Print China 2019 is listed as the most important display platform in the Asia Pacific region. In the Digital printing field, we have Hewlett-Packard in addition to Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Fuji Xerox, Peking University Founder, Corey, Epson, Ideal, Esko, Huaxia, etc. In Post-press packaging, we have the biggies like Bobst, Tianjin Evergreen, Sino-German Group, Scodix Gaody, Highcon Haike, Dongguan Tutu, Wenzhou Zhengbo, Wenzhou Guangming, Shanghai Yaoke, Shenzhen Precision, Zhejiang Guowang, Zhejiang Fangbang, Tektronix Zhengtong, etc. who have confirmed too. Visitors will also see Label printing machine manufacturers like Qigang, Lingyun, Botai, Yuantie, Zhongte, Naibi, Wanjie, Hongsheng, etc. along with equipment and consumables suppliers like Lekai Huaguang, Qiangbang, X-Rite, Sun Paper, APP, Sakata Ink, Deep Day, Koswood, Bolet, etc. Green printing and VOCs governance area is a focus this time too.

In order to better promote Print China 2019, the organizing committee held press conference and meets in Malaysia, the United States, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Italy, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Zhuhai, Dongguan, Hong Kong, Hainan, Taipei and other places in addition to attending international conferences and gained extensive attention in the industry.

The International Media Week will be held in Dongguan on January 8-10, 2019 for briefing the international media and industry to brief further on the progress as well as what a visitor could see at the show in April 2019. Invitees include leaders of relevant government departments at all levels, leaders of printing associations in China as well as abroad, heads of exhibition organizing committees, and representatives of well-known Chinese and foreign exhibitors to discuss the economic situation, industry situation, and development situation, exhibition plan, etc. A series of special reports, guest lectures, media interviews, interactive exchanges and field trips are planned for the visiting delegates.

The official Print China 2019 website function is fully upgraded too in order to better provide the fast and comprehensive information service for the printing industry colleagues. Audience pre-registration has started too online. Applicants only need to fill in the personal information and survey items online. After the submission is successful, the page will automatically generate the QR code of the ticket, print out or save the QR code, and scan the code on site for direct entry. The audience can register as groups, which greatly simplifies the visit. Anyone who pre-registers will get a good chance to win the prize too as per the organisers.

As a value-added service of Print China 2019, “Visa Invitation Letter Online Application” is an online communication channel established for overseas buyers and organizing committees. Overseas buyers only need to submit relevant personal information and materials online. The relevant staff of the organizing committee can provide them with official invitation letters or company invitations for free. This system can also be used for exhibitors to invite overseas buyers to visit. This interactive and effective platform enables overseas buyers and the organizing committee to seamlessly connect.

Speaking to us, Mr. Lu Changan, Vice Chairman of PEIAC and President of Print China Show Company Limited said, “The Print China 2019 Organizing Committee sincerely appreciates the support of the industry colleagues. We are equally committed to serve the exhibitors as well as our professional audience and provide them a broader international multilateral exchange platform for people in the printing industry at home and abroad. We sincerely welcome friends from the Chinese and foreign printing circles to visit Print China 2019 in Dongguan.”

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