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President Peter Chan shares SFTCPPA activities and achievements

– Building better fellowship, discussing issues affecting the Printing Industry and meeting everyday challenges.

The Selangor and Federal Territory Chinese Printing Presses’ Association (SFTCPPA) was founded in 1947 by a few leading printers with aims and objectives to build better fellowship, meet and discuss issues affecting the industry and being a representation in the industry to share information and to advise relevant solutions to the needs of the industry member.

SFTCPPA members are mostly printing business owners, from sheet offsets, web offsets to digital printing and flexo printing. Due to the diversity of its members coming from so many different modes of printing and leaders in their own field of expert, they are enabled to collectively share and compare their challenges. “Each Executive Committee of SFTCPPA were elected for their strength and wisdom, from different printing sectors and this line up of the EXCO enable SFTCPPA to provide better representation for Malaysia Printing Industry,” says Mr. Peter Chan – President, SFTCPPA.

SFTCPPA organised many events and seminars throughout Malaysia to share and promote current trends and challenges to our fellow Malaysian Printers. It connects solution providers to the printers, tax and incentive seminars from Government Departments and linking schools and institute to provide training for skill workers for the Printing Industry.

One of the main events organised by SFTCPPA is Malaysia Print Awards. Since the inception in 2010, Malaysia Print Awards has consistently raised its benchmark for quality and innovation, to recognise and award print excellence in Malaysia.

SFTCPPA is also committed to the representation in ASEAN to build better ties and to share information and issues among 10 ASEAN peers association leaders. “Recently in November 2018, SFTCPPA represented Malaysia in ASEAN PRINTING FORUM, which was held in Singapore to discuss current issues of our printing industry and widening our opportunities to 600 million populations in ASEAN,” informs Peter Chan.

SFTCPPA is also the founding Member in ASIA PRINT, stretching the association’s influence and ties to further Asian countries like China, Korea, India, Pakistan, United Arab of Emirates, and others.

“Through the summit and forums participated by SFTCPPA, we are able to gain access to the DATA and INFO from the rest of the regions. These data is vital for our members to include for their future business planning,” says Peter Chan.

The Malaysian Printing Industry vis-a-vis the global Printing Industry

Global printing trend has changed tremendously in these past 2 decades. “Ever since the introduction of Computer to Plate (CTP) in mid 1990s, to the Print-On-Demand over internet at the late year 2008, Printing Companies have been busy adapting to the trend and upgrading their machineries setup to meet these changes,” says Peter Chan.

“Today everyone is talking about Industry Revolution 4.0 (IR4), making manufacturing process more seamless. As for Malaysia, we are already changing our way of business to IR4 where the idea will help us to reduce rejection rate and increase productivity to a measurable level,” he continues.

Drawing attention towards the vital role of Printing in our lives, he says, “Printing Industry has always been a supporting role in manufacturing, marketing and distributions, publications, pharmaceutical, food and beverages and many more. We produce boxes and labels for their packaging, printed brochures and manual for their products info, sales and marketing brochures and collaterals to boost their branding and reports and news publications to feature their events. Printing is involved in many levels of the products cycle, from factory of its birth to the shelf it will be sold. This vital role of printing make us important to many other industry sectors. Furthermore, Printing is so advanced now that we are much preferable compared to other genuine material maker because of low cost of production.”

Printing Industry in Malaysia comprises from board & flexo packaging to book publications, online digital printing and tin & metal printing. Malaysia has a modest number of printing businesses of slightly over 4000 companies.

“Being a trade association, we sets our common mission and goals to assist the industry. We do not allow any of the EXCO members abuse the privilege for any personal agendas. Such understanding among the EXCO allow us to work happily together even if we are healthy competitors in our business,” cheers Peter Chan.

He however expresses his concern over the steep rise in the number of associations. “Formation of trade associations is free as long as it is allowed by the Registrar of Societies Malaysia. But, many trade associations have been dormant and seriously need active succession for revival. We are NGO, and we act like one. If any trade association is formed to serve personal interests of certain group, then it is not an NGO. They should better be in politics,” he explains.

He believes association to association interactions and collaborations can go a long way to safeguard the interests of the industry. “Mutual respect and understanding among other trade associations will build strong ties and enable us to work together in many events. SFTCPPA has long been affiliated with so many well established associations, locally and internationally, offering us many opportunities and priority access,” he says.

When asked what is his advice for success in printing business, Peter Chan concludes with these words, “I agreed with Tycoon Mr. Lee Ka-shing, who said, ‘Don’t treat your business like your wife’. You maybe the founder of the business, but if you apply the same methods today, you may run it to the ground. Open up and listen to ideas; it may not have your explosive history but it will surely lead you to a bright path.”

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