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Premio PrintDepot: Writing success with innovation and creativity

Joey Wong of Premio PrintDepot believes creativity and innovation go a long way in a printing business success.

Joey’s family has been in the print business for a while now and has been running a copy centre. In 2000 the shop ventured into the name card business with short-run capability enabled by Digital Printing technology. Apart from their capability to print a single card digitally, they have a wide offering for their customers by way of Offset printed products along with Digitally printed products. They also run three stationery shops, which are the main force behind the venture.

Their main clients are students and SMEs for all of whom providing convenient service in terms of timely delivery and good quality is of utmost importance. “Creativity, innovation, infrastructure and great service is our hallmark and I truly believe that they will be the only things which will help us to survive in coming times,” says Joey Wong.

Design is a very big part of Joey’s business as he finds it to be the one of the components which makes him different from others in the industry. “Creativity is the key to our success and it is only designing which brings out the creativity in you,” he says.

Joey has strong IT back ground and he is not only keen but a firm follower of workflow and processes which he is strongly implementing in his organisation. Innovation is another aspect which Joey feels strongly about. “It is ok to have infrastructure but to be innovative and bring out creativity is the key,” he emphasises. In fact they are doing a lot many funky products in their stationery shop. Gold Foiling is a big draw for their Chinese customers and they have a full range of such products. They also do books, magazines and other regular things in addition to packaging as well, both Offset as well as Digital.

Customisation and innovation enrich the catalogue

Digital capabilities of Premio enable them answer all type of walk-in demands of daily visitors to their three stationery outlets. Their Digital capabilities are led by the recent acquisition – a Direct-to-Garment printer from Ricoh. “Since the three outlets deal with lots of walk-in customers, the T-shirt printing with the Ricoh Direct-to-Garment printer is in fact drawing a lot of crowd,” reveals Joey. “This is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact we are in the process of developing customised/ personalised aprons, napkins, personal cards, as well as products for occasions like baby full moon and baby showers etc. We also do a lot of innovative Wedding cards. All these products help us enrich our catalogue. It’s a need of the hour to beat competition, expand revenue opportunities and always be in customers’ memory,” he summarises.

“The journey from Stationery to Copy Centre, to Offset, to Digital, and now to Textile has been a rather keen journey and we wish to take it to the next level in due course of time,” foresees the committed businessman in Joey. He feels his Digital Gold Foiling equipment is a machine which has given impetus to his creativity and innovation aspect.

Ricoh Pro C7100x is their prized possession

Premio PrintDepot owns quite a few Ricoh Digital machines. One of the prized possessions of Premio is their Ricoh Pro C7100x which serves as the ideal solution offering a wide variety of applications and extending those offerings further with its 5th colour capabilities. In addition to Offset-like image quality, the 5th colour opportunities with White and Clear Gloss Toner helps him create a niche for his products as well for his clients. Moreover, broad paper support of this machine is an added advantage. Joey is now looking for a Flatbed UV machine for his setup. “Good service at reasonable price is what we provide. Serving just bread and butter is not sufficient now rather we must provide jam as well as peanut butter in order to get a few more footfalls,” he quote as an analogy. Personalisation and digitisation is the key to the success Premio PrintDepot has seen. Another important aspect of their business has been value addition through offering product variation.

Ricoh – helping customers maximise their investment

For Joey, Ricoh is a solution rather than a machine for Premio and its Clear Gloss toner is a boon for their products offerings. “The guys are really Service oriented and we have a healthy relationship with them for quite a while now,” says Joey.

“I think we have been quite close together as a supplier and customer. The reason is, we don’t believe in just selling a product but try to build solutions for the customers’ problems. This is also the key reason for Ricoh products’ popularity and our success with our customers,” says Mr.K L Loh of Ricoh (Malaysia).

“We have an operators training program for our customers in order to help them maximise the investment they make,” he informs, adding that Ricoh doesn’t sell a box to its customers but provides a complete solution including training for them so that they can achieve the best from our machines. “We consider our customers more as partners than as customers,” he declares.

Ricoh demo centre provides machine operators of their customers training on the latest capabilities of Ricoh machines as also the efficient usage of available resources. “Ricoh now also has a certification process by certified Ricoh trainer for the operators who get trained at our demo centre. It is a matter of pride for both the operator and the owner of the print shop to have a certified machine operator. It also increases the efficiency of both to most economically get the best out of the machine.

According to Joey, the annual turnover is about 2 million ringgit as of now. The Premio group is a multifaceted group and Digital Printing is a part of it. “Offset too is our forte and we do own a Komori Lithrone machine with the related post and pre press equipments for in-house printing and finishing,” says Joey. Joey is in the lookout for a CtP and expects to acquire one soon once he is convinced of its utility in-house, till then outsourcing is the mantra. “We are presently focusing on things that will increase revenue but not yet calculated as to how much it would be!” Joey concludes.



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