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PPPMM: An association supporting the country’s Malay Printing Industry

The association and members are entrusted with production of school books, which are duly printed with collective teamwork.

The Malaysian Malay Printing Press Association (Persatuan Pengusaha Percetakan Melayu Malaysia – PPPMM) association has been in existence for more than 45 years now and growing stronger. Industrial Print magazine got the opportunity to interact with the new President Mr.Muhammed Farhan Basheer, Vice President Dato Haji Mohammed Zakaria Bin Haji Naina Mohammed and committee members including Mr.Ahmad Fathi Zainuddin, Mr.Ahmad Nazli Zulkifli and Mr.Roslan Sabdin of the PPPMM. They spoke about the association and its activities in Malaysia.

The constitution of Malaysia has secured two industries to be under the Malays (Bhumiputras) i.e., Tourism and Printing and the PPPMM has only helped it increase and grow for the members and their employees, which is a sizeable population of the country.

“The entire education system constituents in Malaysia look towards us printers from the association to complete the task assigned to us to print the school books timely as well as accurately,” says Mr.Muhammed Farhan Basheer, President PPPMM. “Over the last many years and we are proud to have always accomplished the assigned task in time, every time,” adds Mr.Haji Mohammed Zakaria the Deputy President.

It is the members of this association who collectively print school books for the country. The association has over 100 members which include a combination of big and small printers and they fill in the tender for getting the job from the Malaysian Government each year. It is a unique cooperation amongst the members who evenly get their share of jobs allocated in such a way that every member gets the jobs as per their capacity. “School books is a national education effort which is very important for our country and we need to put in all out resources to get it executed in the most professional manner possible,” says Mr.Ahmad who owns Mashi Publication Sdn Bhd and is an active member of the association.

However, the jobs aren’t offered absolutely on a platter but there exists a healthy competition among members to win orders. “Members have to be competitive to win orders. But it is kind of healthy competition as of now which is a matter of relief for all,” adds Mr.Roslan Sabdin of Percetakan Surya Sdn Bhd.

Talking about the training sponsored by Malaysian Government to the members of the association of which Roslan too was a beneficiary, he says, “It was such training which helped me as a printer to graduate from a single colour machine to a four colour and then to web printing press.”

Institutes like Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) and Institut Latihan Perindustrian Kuala Lumpur, are imparting training on printing by the government. Unfortunately, the next generation is not much enthusiastic about joining the printing field. Even young members of family-owned printing businesses, which constitute major part of the PPPMM too lack interest in printing. “Today a young person needs everything instant and printing is not an instant earning industry. The next generation is more interested towards quick and high-paying jobs like BPO jobs etc. which give them easier remuneration without having to get dry ink on their fingers – as printing is usually perceived,” reasons Roslan.

Likewise, after studying printing, many students are opting for jobs outside of the industry which is a disheartening development for the association. “Our members do invite students who pass out from these institutes as interns in order to attract young talents and present the real opportunities of growth in this challenging and promising field,” adds Mr.Ahmad Fathi.

Interestingly, many printers in the association not only have offset presses including web offsets but also digital presses in-house. And for those who do not have in-house digital facilities take help from the one who have. “Cooperation amongst members of the association is a unique feature and is a reason for the association to thrive,” adds Dato Zakaria. According to the President, it is important for the members to expose themselves to the latest technology available in the market, study the pros and cons and then decide to invest to reap the best advantages. “Packaging is a field in which our members have not looked much into as yet. But, it is a growing field and we will see many trying to make their path into the realm of packaging printing in due course,” observes Mr.Ahmad Nazi of Percetakan Zainonkassim.

Packaging is the future and members of the association plan to organise group tours to printing exhibitions across the world to learn the tricks of the trade and the technologies available. “Members of our group will be visiting the coming Print China exhibition scheduled in April 2019 in Dongguan, China,” informs the President Mr.Basheer.

Joining the PPPMM requires one to have a printing press and production capabilities of any scale. “We welcome all Malays who wish to be a part of the association. We always strive to strengthen the association and its reach through bonds among printers and new members joining for a better future of the industry and our members,” concludes the President.

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