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New Ricoh Pro C9200 Series

Maximizes the revenue and delivers business growth

Ricoh Malaysia introduces the new Ricoh Pro C9200 series of digital sheet fed colour presses. With the Ricoh Pro C9200 series, Print Service Providers can expect enhanced revenue potential, reduced operational costs and empowered business growth opportunities.

Building on the highly successful Ricoh Pro C9100 technology platform, the Pro C9200 Series offers increased image quality with outstanding registration.  With the all-new Auto Colour Diagnosis technology, colour consistency and stability is assured through detecting and adjusting subtle toner fluctuations while printing.

Expanded media capability is delivered with enhanced long sheet capability of up to 1,030mm auto duplex, 1,260mm simplex and increased media support up to 450gsm.

Productivity is increased with models printing at up to 115ppm (A4) or 135ppm (A4) while streamlined production is enabled with inline options offering the versatility to produce a wide variety of applications. To provide ease of usability, a new, intuitive 17inch operator panel is designed to enhance customer experience, along with added features such as the Media Management Tool which simplifies sharing of media catalogue between printers and also LED guide for easier paper jam removal.

With improved purge control, Operator Replaceable Units and replenishable toner on the fly, continuous operation and maximum uptime is further enhanced.

The Pro C9200 series printing is controlled using an external Digital Front End (DFE). A range of DFE options are available, ranging from the EFI Fiery E-45 or E-85 to Ricoh’s high performance TotalFlow Print Server R-62 which offers excellent integration with various pre-press workflow solutions.

“There is no other digital colour sheet fed press that matches the value performance package of the Ricoh Pro C9200,” states KL Loh, General Manager of Production Printing Business Group, Ricoh (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. “All these advances have been developed to flexibly support higher quality, on demand production of a wider range of services, printing on a wide range of substrate types that includes synthetics, carbonless paper, coated and uncoated stock and envelopes. They help Print Service Providers maximise production uptime and expand capabilities to more efficiently, cost effectively and profitably answer broadening market demands.”

New Ricoh Pro C7200 Series – Builds on Ricoh’s successes of making unprecedented and unmatched colour printing affordable

The RICOH Pro C7200 series, featuring the 5th colour station models, brings best-in-class price performance and predictability to the most demanding production print environments. Boasting in-line sensors and calibration, these presses aid better front-to-back registration and colour consistency without the need for lengthy specialized training.

The 5th colour station Pro C7210X and Pro C7210SX empower shops to produce high-value five colour applications helping them to stay ahead of the competition. Built on the legacy of the RICOH Pro C7100X, these presses print five colours faster and more accurately while offering even greater media flexibility. Additionally, the new Invisible Red toner introduces even more ways to innovate, by producing designs only visible under ultraviolet light, perfect for security features such as those found on tickets or coupons.

With the competition for attention at an all-time high, many printers need new ways to stand out without having to spend like the big guys. The Pro C7200 series is the only platform in its class that delivers the ability to produce unique applications with a 5th colour station, large format sheets up to 49.6 inches, higher print speeds in a more intuitive and reliable platform. That’s what our customers asked for, and that’s what we delivered with the RICOH Pro C7200 series.”

The RICOH Pro C7200 series prints at 2400 x 4800 dpi VCSEL image quality with a large colour gamut without sacrificing speed or versatility. The series offers 85 page per minute (ppm) models and 95 ppm models with auto-duplex capabilities. Each have the option to print on paper lengths up to 49.6 inches simplex or 27.5 inches duplex, empowering printers to introduce larger format color printing to their portfolio. The platform also empowers users to print white and CMYK inks in a single pass, turning around the widest array of eye-catching applications in its class even faster. In-line sensors automatically aid improved front-to-back registration and colour calibration, helping to create a consistent, professional look.

Introducing further flexibility to handle substrates such as synthetics, window clings and rich linens, a specially designed 17-inch Smart Operation Panel allows users to intuitively browse and manage the Paper Library directly from the device. The larger panel also brings new job- and workflow-management options directly to the device, while also offering seamless remote job management and monitoring.

Invisible Red toner is the latest addition to the suite of toners available for the Ricoh five-colour presses. This specialized toner is invisible under regular circumstances, but under ultraviolet light, it shows as a clear, distinguishable red. This “invisible” toner is perfect for adding security features to a variety of applications, from event tickets to sensitive documents to gamified signage. With graphic design software readily available, counterfeiting can be a huge problem, but not every business can afford to go to the great expense of security holograms. In this way, the Invisible Red toner continues in the Ricoh five-colour tradition of bringing high-end benefits at an accessible price point.


During the Printech 2018 RICOH also embarked on a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme together with the students of Malaysia Institute Of Art (MIA), which is design T-shirt competition contest based on the theme of “CMYK”.

The contest is open for all the MIA students, the top 10 best design are selected and printed out to showcase during the exhibition. Furthermore, the T-shirt is for selling to public for students to raise funds for their student’s activities purposes.

Ricoh sponsored the cost of T-shirt and printing for the students, who used the Ri 100 as world first “Entry Level Direct to Garment Printer” and uses Ricoh’s in house technology to print the t-shirt. The use of the DTG enable them to create a new printing “culture” on demand t-shirt printing, the capability of Ricoh’s printer business from paper expand to “Garment”.



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