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Jetco Art Enterprise: Advantage OKI

Jetco reaps the advantage of White Toner under CMYK or alone by producing exceptional White-On-Colour and Colour-On-Colour on a wide range of media.


Pro-Cust has been doing Golf ball printing. With their experience of 30 years in business, Mr.Jiet Soo, along the journey also took Textile Printing under the umbrella along with other innovative ventures to make a name in Kepong in Kuala Lumpur.

The textile printing business – Jetco Art Enterprise – was started in the year 2015 in a small shop in the Kepong Industrial Area. “For single colour we go in for PU plates but when it comes to more than one colour we use the OKI Digital Transfer Printer which has the ability to print colour-plus-white on transfer media,” says Jiet. The process is faster plus the end product displays truly vibrant colours. A4 is the maximum paper size of the printer. “We are able to do about 200 pieces (shirts) in a day of multi colour which is a reasonable production considering it is all manual,” says Jiet. According to him OKI is a sturdy machine and it gives them excellent results and has helped in increasing the productivity many fold.

Presently, they are at the top of their production capacity fulfilling demands of corporate customers for their promotion needs. The demands from such customers come all at the same time and that bring hectic schedules for Jiet and his team. “All of them mostly come together thus making life a wee bit miserable,” says Jiet. “During full season, there are weeks when we need to work till 4:00 am for many days at a stretch to fulfil commitments.”

Jetco Art Enterprise, the textile printing business is not much different from the Golf ball printing one for Jiet who has to meet the demands of usually the same clients in both. “The same customers for whom we provide the balls are the ones for whom we now make the T-shirts. It is just about adding another revenue stream to remain a step ahead in the competitive and cut throat market,” adds Jiet.

Jiet has been exploring the possibility of entering the Textile Printing field for quite some time but it was the technology which did not permit him to. In fact, Sublimation Technology never excited him as he was not satisfied with the vibrancy of colours it gave. But, with the OKI coming in with the White Ink, things changed and even convinced both him and his customers by the colours it produced and the vibrancy they brought.

The best advantage with OKI is White Colour

“By applying White Toner under CMYK or alone, you can now produce exceptional White-On-Colour and Colour-On-Colour on a wide range of media, thus opening up new opportunities for On-Demand Printing with vibrant results every time,” asserts Jiet.

“OKI is the choice for printers like us who look to simplifying the already time consuming process of short-run Textile Printing,” concludes Jiet.



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