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Domes Printing: Protecting Your Brands

Domes Printing Sdn Bhd provides premium solutions protecting brand image from being copied in packaging.

Domes Printing Sdn Bhd is a printing company which enjoys more than 20 years’ experience in the printing industry. Starting from business relationship to now a business partner, Domes Printing specializes in printing silver foil, high security packaging boxes and other printing goods such as flyers, calendar, paper bag and corporate folder.

Initially, the business owned by Mr Paul and Mr Nick was started with a Komori and 15 employees at a factory located in Jalan SR3/6, Taman Serdang Raya Seri Kembangan. The directors who were from colour separation and printing fields decided to team up to provide premium services providing protection from brand image copying in packaging.

“Being in the industry for 20 years we strongly believe that packaging is on the growing point,” states Nick.

“We invested on a used Komori Printing Machine, lamination machine and other supporting machines to start the business,” he adds.

With a pleasant working culture, Domes works with a long list of old employees. Employees have been associated with the company for many years and the business has grown due to this healthy environment. Their main clients are Advertising and agencies. They cater to high-end and on-demand promotional products for customers that require high quality products and customized designs for their packaging especially with brand protection as a key element.

Products benefit from Branding

“Branding plays the biggest role on products; with quality packaging it will enhance and feature the product,” says Paul. “Spend a little more for security and quality packaging to ensure that no damage is done to the brand and image. It will also reduce the chances of design being copied by others,” he adds.

With fast changing printing demands due to technologies like digital etc., Domes is rightly focused on packaging, which Nick believes will keep on growing in times to come. “We are prepared to invest in technology in near future to ensure our business keep on track,” avers Nick.

He perceives that technology adoption is the need of the changing times. “Technology plays an important role in our business; it clearly keeps us ahead of competition, helps us in streamlining our processes and improves production efficiency and profitability. Unlike the old days, we keep pace with changing technologies,” he says.

Domes Printing follows a standard operation process which helps the company meet deadlines and deliver swift solutions to its clients. “This is usually done by keeping track throughout the process – from the first to the last stage,” says Paul.

Price vs. Quality

Malaysian market is more about the price war. Domes Printing provides quality and premium services such as high quality silver foil and customised design to change customer point of view in packaging service. Nick believes that the advice given to client is the most important part of the company to ensure no brand damage. “Quality brand deserve quality packaging!” he states. He has already drafted a growth plan for next two years. Apart from business expansion, he is looking forward to increase man power too.

With specialisation in silver foil and high security packaging boxes among a long list of solutions, Domes caters to its clients’ demands as per requirement. Most processes are carried out in-house and for those combinations that they can’t, they outsource. What is of utmost importance at Domes is that the quality is never compromised. This is the reason they don’t believe in price wars. “Price keeps moving with quality of products,” says Nick.

“Price war is a market killer, biggest challenge is our own. We determine our own value. We should educate the clients on what product we are giving rather than being controlled by competitive compulsions like cheap price wars,” he concludes.

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